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Frequently Asked Questions

OK, Drew, Let's Hear Your Philosophy‚Ä?/i>

Have fun. Respect my clients, their families, and their time. Make children laugh and make parents smile. Exceed my clients expectations and make sure they were glad they booked me. Create beautiful images and gorgeous prints. Be honest and transparent with pricing. Let children be themselves. Be adaptable and patient. See what others miss. Get a sweet '77 black Trans Am. Make my family proud. Have fun.

How Do I Book a Session?

Everything starts with a phone call or email. Simple, right? Drew will help you come up with a plan to get you just what you need. Once we've got the details sorted out and a date, a 50% deposit is required to secure your booking. The remaining balance is due the day of the shoot. We accept cash, checks, and credit cards through Drew's production company, Slam Digital, Inc. Gold bricks are also acceptable and appreciated but we regret we can't make change.

Will You Accept Bookings Outside of New York City?

Absolutely! We have clients across the country and love to meet new families and photograph new locations. Drew has shot in nearly every state as well as internationally and is happy to travel wherever you may be. Except for Hazen, Arkansas (long story). Drew does regularly travel to Boston, Philadelphia and Northern California to name a few places. If you are interested, you can send us an email and we'll let you know when Drew is planning on being in your area which can save you travel fees. Additionally, families outside of NYC that are interested in scheduling sessions with Drew are invited to coordinate a minimum of 5 sessions over a weekend will have travel fees waived for mutually agreed upon dates.

Will You Shoot Our Event or Something Beside Your Standard Sessions?

Of course! From pregnancy portraits to baby showers to birthdays and everything in between, Drew will make sure you have the images to match your memories. Any special occasion or setup you can think of, we are happy to accommodate you. Let us know and we'll tailor a package to suit your needs. Just let us know if there will be clowns there as they can be scary.

I Have Six Children. Will There Be Extra Fees?

Six children? Well, bless you. You must be exhausted. The normal session time of 1-2 hours is perfect for a child or two. Ultimately it depends on what you hope to get out of the session. If your goal is a great family portrait, or a montage of all the kids, then certainly a normal session is enough. If your goal is 6 individual children montages, then we're going to need more time. When you have five minutes to yourself, grab a glass of wine, lock yourself in the bathroom and drop us a line so we can work the financials out.

How Should My Child Or Family Dress?

However you like! We're big fans of the wardrobe being natural and comfortable. Growing up, nothing made Drew more uncomfortable than wearing clothes he never liked just for a portrait at Sears. Ask his parents, the pictures showed it. If your little one just has to wear a cape or dress like a robot-pony, we say let them! They will have plenty of time in life to conform and won't you be glad you have pictures of them being themselves? Keep it simple and fun for everyone.

No offense to families that love to all dress identical for portraits but never in the history of photography has anyone looked at a family portrait and wondered if they were actually a family because they all weren't wearing the same outfits. Our biggest piece of advice is to leave that look to the Brady Bunch, Jackson Five and Partridge Family. Or if you're in the circus. If you are a circus family,then you get an additional 25% off because that's awesome.

What Happens if my Perfect Angel Turns into a Hellion or Other Terrifying Turn of Events Happen?

Relax! As a father, Drew knows when it comes to children, anything can happen. This is the number one reason our sessions are 1-2 hours instead of 30 minutes. Infants need to finish naps, nurse or have diapers changed. Toddlers need a snack and time to play. Families need to organize and be goofy. Drew is relaxed and patient with all children, he's seen it all, and he get's the best from them. The bottom line is to have fun and not be stressed that you're on a stopwatch.

We also know a sick child is not a happy child and we will do our best to reschedule your appointment. If a cancelation is made less than 24 hours from the booking, there is a $100 fee to reschedule. Unless there's a plague of locusts, in which case you're off the hook.

What Are the Turn Around Times and Deadlines?

We work hard to keep our clients from waiting. The windows listed below are general and most of the time we beat them if possible. Keep in mind, holidays are busy times so the earlier you book and order, the better. If you have an urgent deadline, we offer rush services.

Edited website post shoot - 2-4 weeks

Custom print orders - 3-4 weeks

Holiday print orders due by 12/1

Holiday card orders due by 11/7

Family portrait in bas relief (bronze or walnut) - 2-4 years

Why Should I Order Custom Prints Through Drew Wiedemann?

With over 20 years of darkroom and digital printing, Drew knows that it is the print that brings the image to life. Drew has spent countless hours perfecting his craft, has studied under some of the greatest printers alive, and has invested tens of thousands of dollars in the finest digital workstations with spot on calibration. What you receive from Drew Wiedemann are museum quality, archival, chromogenic prints that will last a lifetime. These are no inkjet prints.

All custom print orders are fulfilled by Drew Wiedemann personally as are all finishing and retouching. Drew has over 15 years of retouching experience that is married to his traditional aesthetic from darkroom work. Drew treats each file and print as if it will be hung in an exhibition of his own work.

Prints Are Awesome! What Else You Got?

If you can think it, we can make it for you. Framing, holiday cards, calendars, murals, birth announcements. We do it all. Except for tattoos, we're terrible at those. Seriously, who doesn't want a coffee mug with their littlest bean on it?

Are the Digital Files Included in Your Packages?

Included in both sessions are a collection of web resolution edited selects from the shoot. These are the same images as on your web gallery and are perfect for emailing or posting on Facebook. Additionally, the Portrait Session includes 2 files of your choosing from the edited selects that are suitable for printing yourself up to 8x10". While we strive to make all of our images as good as possible, these files are only "globally" corrected for color, contrast and saturation. They are not custom finished and retouched. If you would like to purchase the edited selects in print resolution, the price is an additional $200.00. For the highest quality and most beautiful prints, we suggest you order custom prints directly through Drew Wiedemann.

I've Referred Five Clients to You. Sweet, Right?

Sweet as sugar! Thank you very much, referrals are the cornerstone of our business and we can't grow without happy clients spreading the news. You know what? 5 referrals gets you a $150.00 print credit with us as a thank you. What's that, you've referred 10 people? Bingo, my friend, your next session is on us. That's how much we love our clients.

Do You Ever Offer "Social "(Groupon/Living Social) Coupons?

Absolutely not. Social coupons are great for many things (if you need laser hair removal or teeth whitening, congratulations this is your golden age), but photography is not one of them. Simply put, in the best case, social coupons are designed to up-sell customers. In the worst, social coupons for photography border on scams. Ask yourself, how will a photographer fulfill hundreds (or thousands, even) of social coupons in any sort of timely fashion and be of at least of mediocre quality? Simple internet searches will show you they can't.

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All kidding aside, our goal is simple, We provide the highest quality images and custom prints possible to our clients. We value your business and want our clients to come back to us because they love our work, period.